Ghent 1913

Tue. 31 Aug 2010. 11:01 am

The other day I posted a couple of pictures of the train stations in Ghent and Ghentbrugge. That got me wondering what Ghent was like when our relatives left there to come to America.

The new Sint-Pieters railway station in Ghent was completed in 1912 and, as you can see, still stands today. It was built for and just prior to an exposition that began in 1913.

The Ghent World Exposition of 1913, like all expos, provided a lot of economic value to the area Рconstruction jobs, service jobs, tourists and more.

Looks like Ghent was a pretty nice place to be around 1913. I wonder if the threat of war made the people think twice about staying there. I know that would be up there on my plus/minus list.


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