Gech? Hatton? Newport?

One of the questions that keeps coming up for me is why a particular person changes their name to NEUPORT/NEWPORT.  I mean what is the motive to use one name over another?   We’re not talking about the reasons due to birth, marriage, adoption or anything like that.  So why did Thomas GECH become Thomas NEUPORT around 1377;  and why did Thomas SPICER do the same thing around the turn of the 15th century?   Then there is one Sir William HATTON who changed his surname from NEWPORT to his mother’s maiden name of HATTON.

I suppose one of the reasons to change your name is to hide something in your past.  Thomas SPICER and his brother John were always in trouble with the law for being pirates or for treason.   So their motive would be more to get rid of a name that was a liability to something respectable.

Same with Sir William HATTON.  I guess he thought being a HATTON was more respectable than being a NEWPORT.  So the same concept occurs here where he went from a liability to a asset.  And I’m thinking that Thomas GECH and family had the same reasoning.  But here  I think Isabella was the force behind their motivation because she has some notable (?) family  and Thomas, as far as I’ve found, did not.

 See Notes, Comments and Obervations


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