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Mon. 15 Apr 2013. 12:25 pm

Newport towns and villages in England and Wales

Newport towns and villages in England and Wales

The last post brought up information about two fellows with the surnames of ‘de Neuport’ and ‘de Newport’. Now we know that this means they were from someplace called Newport or Neuport. Looking in Wikipedia I’ve found out there are eleven locations in England and Wales. I even found the spelling of a couple of towns as ‘Nevport’ in my research.

So now we have a bunch of questions.

  1. The biggest question is which town(s) are these guys from?
  2. Why the different spellings? It’s still not clear to me at this point if ‘Neuport’, ’Newport’ or ‘Nevport’ are interchangeable.
  3. Because of all of the peoples and cultures invading and occupying Great Britain since before the Romans, does this impact the location and definition?
  4. Has there been an overlapping or alterations to spellings and meanings of the word? I mean did the word ‘Newport’ all of a sudden appear during one of the occupations?

I guess the best approach is to start with the present spelling and definition and work backwards in time.


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