Flavie: Goens or Poelman?

I was doing a bit of research and was going to start a post about Odilon Delcourt; but then I came across some information on Odilon’s marriage to Flavie in Detroit.

I’m confused. How could it be Flavie and Octavie Poelman coming through Ellis Island while it says here that Flavie’s mother is Mary?

The first thing that jumps out at me was Flavie’s maiden name: GOENS.

Then I notice Flavie’s mother’s name: Mary Boelman. This is probably a transcription error so it’s probably, let me guess: POELMAN.

One piece of information that I haven’t posted yet is that some time ago I found a death record in for a Mary Goens in California. It’s says Mary GOENS and her maiden (father’s last) name was POELMAN.

Finally from the transcriptions of the 1930 US Census for Michigan I found a Mary O. Goens and a Julia Goens listed in the same household. I’ll try and figure out who Julia is later but what is really odd, I never found any Octavia Goens or an Octavia Poelman listed anywhere in the Census for Michigan. And  I wonder what Mary’s middle name could be.

I’m going to throw this out to you all. Send me your comments about what you think is going on here. I’ll try to make some sense of all this too.


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