After trying to figure out what Flavie’s last name was I thought I would take a break from that and look at Odilon Delcourt.

On August 15, 1913 a 26 year old Odilon Delcourt arrived at Ellis Island after leaving Liverpool aboard the RMS Mauritania. I’m not sure why but they spelled his first name Adelon. I suppose it may have been the accent or something.

Looking at his reference back in Belgium it appears that it says wife Bertha Delcourt, who lived at [something] St. in Ghent.

Sometimes you can reverse the background to try and decipher what is written. In this case I’ll let you all take a crack at it.

When I first found this manifest several years ago I was quite surprised about what it said. Odilon had a wife? Bertha? In Ghent?

Checking further in the manifest about where he was going and who he was going to see in America I can’t make out the name. But doesn’t the first word there seems to be “Uncle”? And I can’t read the address (maybe Royal St?) but it definitely says Chicago, Ill.

Well now…Odilon Delcourt was married and went to Chicago before he met and married Flavie in Detroit?

That head-throb I got from trying to figure out who Flavie is is coming back again. Maybe you guys would like to throw your 2¢ in?


6 thoughts on “Odilon

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  2. I’ve come back to this post a number of times trying to decipher who Odilon is referencing in Chicago. Although I haven’t found any supporting information I think the name could be either Odilon’s uncle Edward or Edmund Vanden Berghe.

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  5. Mary Ann

    Wondering if Bertha Delcourt from Ghent has appeared on a ship manifest any time after/before Odilon? any children? are we to assume this is the family he was with in Chicago before he came to Detroit and married Favie?

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