OMFG It’s Global Warming

So I’m reading the Anglo Saxon Chronicle and I keep coming across that all these Anglo-Saxons and Vikings are bringing their ships to the town of Sandwich in Kent

A.D. 851. This year Alderman Ceorl, with the men of Devonshire, fought the heathen army at Wemburg, and after making great slaughter obtained the victory. The same year King Athelstan and Alderman Elchere fought in their ships, and slew a large army at Sandwich in Kent, taking nine ships and dispersing the rest. The heathens now for the first time remained over winter in the Isle of Thanet.

Ok that’s cool but if you look at a map Sandwich is something like 2 miles from the shoreline.  Huh?  

Well I’ll just try and figure that out later so onto the back-burner.

But then yesterday (10 Jul 2013) I’m reading an article about the ancient trading town of Nidaros in Norway where they mention “…that sea levels were four or five metres higher in this area 1000 years ago.”  This gets me wondering what is the elevation of Sandwich?  I need another map.

Sandwich Sea

Turns out there is a flood map that lets you change the sea level in 1 meter increments and you can see the results on a Google map.  So if I raise the sea level by say 4 meters all of a sudden the town of Sandwich becomes a seaport.


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