Coming Attractions

Sun. 10 Mar 2013. 2:04 pm

As part of the remodel of the blog site I’ve come up with a few topics I plan on covering. These topics are the result of the research I’ve been doing for the past year or so. The underlying concept/goal is to see where the Newport name came from and how far back in time can the name be traced.

In no particular order here are some of the questions I plan to cover in future posts.

    • What about the English towns and villages named ‘Newport’? Did the Newport name come from any of them?
    • What is the origin of the town word ‘Newport’ – is it Saxon, Norman, Roman or maybe of some other origin? And is the ancient definition the same as the modern definition?
    • How about the letters ‘u’, ‘v’ and ‘w’ – how do these letters add to the confusion?
    • Why am I using resources and citations?
    • Finding family members through Facebook.
    • Why the change with the blog? What am I trying to show?
    • Finding that “perfect” genealogy software program – what I see and what am I looking for?
    • What genealogy apps have I used?
    • What are the web sources I use to find information?
    • How do I organize my research?
    • What apps do I find useful?
    • What historical events could have had an impact on our family?
    • How have dates, locations, languages and events (such as the plague) had an impact on the Newport family?
    • How does the Domesday Book of 1086/7 impact the Newport family name?

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