Looking Back Again

Sat. 29 Jan 2011. 12:43 pm

Looking back at the post on 6 Sep 2010 where Mary Ann and I deduced information about Flavia and her mother. I wanted to see how close we were in our deductions based on information found after the original post. The deductions are marked with an asterisk.

  1. Mary Octavie UNKNOWN born (1863)
    1. CORRECT. But her actual name is Octavie Marie Poelman.
  2. Mary Octavie UNKNOWN marries H. POELMAN*
    1. WRONG. Flavia’s mother’s full maiden name is Octavie Marie Poelman. It is not established who H. Poelman is but I assume that he  maybe Flavia’s uncle, Emiel Poelman.
  3. Flavie POELMAN born (1893)
    1. CORRECT. But her full name is Flavia Maria Poelman.
  4. Jules GOENS comes to America (1913)
    1. CORRECT. But his full name is Julius Constantinus Goens.
  5. Flavie POELMAN and Mary Octavie POELMAN come to America (1914)
    1. CORRECT
  6. Mary Octavie UNKNOWN divorces H. POELMAN*
    1. WRONG. Mary Octavie was not married to an H. Poelman.
  7. Mary Octavie [Unknown] POELMAN marries Jules GOENS*
    1. CORRECT. But they were married in Belgium on 12 Mar 1904  when Flavia was 11 years old – before Flavia and her mother came to America in 1914.
  8. Flavie POELMAN adopts the surname GOENS*
    1. CORRECT. But Flavia more likely “assumed” the surname Goens rather than adopted the name legally.
  9. Flavie [Poelman] GOENS marries Odilon DELCOURT (1919)
    1. CORRECT
  10. Mary Octavie [Unknown][Poelman] GOENS dies in California (1955)
    1. CORRECT. But the correct full name is Octavie Marie [Poelman] Goens.

So overall I’d say we were about 50-50 on the deduced items, sort of close on people’s names and still haven’t figured out who H. Poelman really is.


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