Into The Heart of Darkness – Part 2

Mon. 10 Jan 2011. 9:06 am

When I came across the passport application for my grandmother, Ethel Evelyn (Norman) Newport, I was amazed. First off was the fact that I found it online; second was seeing a copy of the actual application – including her picture.

Is this ever cool stuff or what?

So looking at the passport application – conveniently duplicated here for you – the first thing I notice is…it’s a helluva lot easier to read then a bunch of those Ellis Island records. Click on the images to see them a bit larger.

Then I notice there is a lot of good genealogical information

  • Ethel was born on 13 June 1889 in Omaha, Nebraska
  • Ethel was a housewife living in Everett, Washington in 1916
  • Her father is John Norman and, as of 5 May 1916, lives in Everett, Washington

And then there is the cool stuff

  • Ethel was going to meet her husband in West Africa
  • She was going to be out of the United States for about three years
  • And she was leaving from New York on 15 July 1916 and going to England aboard the Philadelphia

Finally there is the obscure and unusual information I find intriguing such as

  • Ethel was residing at the Shoreham (?) Hotel in Washington, D.C. sometime after 5 May 1916 and at least up until 8 July 1916

But all this only leads to a number of questions – well to me it does

  1. Why was Ethel and her father living in Everett Washington in 1916?
  2. What was Everett, Washington like back then?
  3. What was the Shoreham Hotel?

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