Gleanings From A Lifetime – Part 1

Sun. 26 Dec 2010. 10:41 am

Part memories, part hearsay…

And so begins the autobiography of Leone Elizabeth Dolan Harmon.

This is the personal account of one women born in Michigan in 1904. It is also a story of middle America at the turn of the 20th century. Entitled “Gleanings From A Lifetime”, and typewritten starting in 1982 Leone documented her life from Ubly, Michigan to Sylvania, Ohio and then to Battle Creek, Michigan.

This also begins a project of transcribing Leone’s manuscript and presenting her story to you in a series of posts.

I hope you enjoy Leone’s story.

Part memories, part hearsay and possibly part imagination. I will not be responsible for the exact truth but this should be fairly close to the real thing.

On the third day of April, 1904 a daughter was born to Patrick H. and Maude Mae Stevens Dolan in Ubly, Michigan. They named her Leone Elizabeth. Leone from a recent novel her Mother had been reading; Elizabeth for her Grandmother Stevens. I have been raised under the impression it was Easter Sunday and I was dropped off by the Easter bunny. I was a colicky baby and couldn’t have been much joy to my new parents as I have been told they really didn’t know what I looked like until I was about nine-months old since I never had my eyes open and my mouth shut at the same time. We continued to live in Ubly until I was about two-years old when we moved to Sylvania, Ohio.

During the time we lived in Ubly my Dad made a fairly lengthy trip to Canada. Why? There are many things I wish I had learned about while the folks were still alive. Now there is no one to ask. All too sadly when we have the folks we are so young and so involved with getting alone with our own lives we neither the time nor the inclination to unravel the old days. That is one of the reasons I started these memories. Possibly sometime in the future my children or grandchildren will wonder as I do now and maybe these memories will answer some of their questions.


4 Responses to “Gleanings From A Lifetime – Part 1”

  1. Catherine Newport Gonzales Says:

    I’m very interested in learning about my extended relatives, of which you are a part. My Grandfather, Walter Augustus Newport, Sr., was Glenn Hubert Newport, Sr’s brother. I remember stories my Dad (Walter A Newport, Jr) used to tell me about his Uncle Glenn, and the Newport family’s attachment to Perry, IA. One thing Glenn’s Aunt Kate (Mowrer–Glenn and Walter’s mother’s sister) used to say was that she told too many stories to Glenn about wild animals and exploration, and she thinks that influenced his excavations in Africa; therefore, she was only going to tell my Dad story about farm animals. However, Dad’s undergraduate degree was in mining engineering, so his Uncle Glenn definitely still had an influence on him!
    Please write me at my e-mail address so we can get it touch and share family things! Thank you!!

  2. Glenda (Newport) Agostino Says:


    Your picture “Chemo Glenn”–really startled me because of your amazing resemblance to your grandfather, Glenn Hubert Newport, my father and also your father’s father. I am also saddened to read of your illness. I’m enjoying your website very much.
    How are you doing now? I also cannot believe your father has been dead since 1997, 13 years. For the end of his life–and I think he came here to Indianapolis, just to die and knew he was close to it. Your father also was a dead ringer for your great grandfather, Archibald Newport. I told him that when I first saw him and it was like looking at my beloved grandpa Archie and he snapped at me, “Stop saying that!” So I did–but he was the spitting image of him–and here you are the spitting image of your first namesake! Amazing, isn’t it?? Keep this up and do let me know how you are.

    I guess I am your Aunt Glenda (Newport) Agostino. Keep in touch. Love, Aunt Glenda
    ..Glenn–this really slays me–the first Glenn Newport, then your Dad, then you, and here I am Glenda Newport and my daughter is another Glenda. Life is crazy and also humorous when you think about it. Love again.

  3. karen newport Says:

    meant to say: Loved hearing grandma’s story again. I can hear her talking

  4. karen newport Says:

    Hey sweetie, hearing grandma’s story again.

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