Henceforth vrouwstraat

Tue. 14 Dec 2010. 7:26 am

After all that speculation about the street where Flavia was born, I think, we have finally found the correct location.

If you remember from the three previous titled “Whence vrouwstraat?” posts we had five possible locations.

  1. Saint Elisabeth
  2. Onze-Lieve-Vrouw ter Hooie
  3. Saint-Aubertus at Poortakker
  4. Vrouwebroersstraat
  5. Onze-Lieve-Vrouwestraat

All five locations were based on a combination of trying to connect the word “vrouwstraat” with modern maps, an ignorant (on my part) attempt of looking at the term “vrouwstraat” and translating it into English and then trying to link that translation literally – which in this case was to the Béguinages in and around Ghent.

Well guess what? …. we were not even close!

Recently I had written to Antoine and asked him if he could help me out and locate “vrouwstraat” for me. It turns out “vrouwstraat” is actually a street named Sint Kwintensberg.

How about that?

But I have no idea why “vrouwstraat” is Sint Kwintensberg – for now. Maybe someone from Ghent can help us out here? If you can then leave a comment below or click here to contact me.

So what is the lesson here?

While we did learn a little about some of the history of Ghent it is apparent that, without actually living in a location and being immersed in it’s atmosphere, we can really be wrong in what we think we know and understand.


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