Freshwater Fury

Wed. 01 Dec 2010. 7:00 am

Anyone living in the Great Lakes Region for an extended period of time can become all too familiar with the incredible storms, or low pressure areas, that can settle over the Great Lakes Region in the fall. November, being the prime month for such monsters to start materializing, has had more than its share of super storms. As Polar outbreaks become more regular and intense, surging south into the area, they meet up with the warmer, moisture laden air from the Gulf of Mexico. Add to this a roaring jet stream with lots of energy and you have the ingredients for dynamic storm development. ~Source

The Great Lakes have always had some pretty nasty winter storms but the storm that started around 7 November 1913 turned out to be particularly foul.

By 10 November 1913 Odilon may have started to wonder why the hell he ever thought going to Chicago was a good idea; and Julius Goens may have been wondering why in the hell he was going to Detroit instead of, say, Miami.

What made this storm so much worse than the one on my birthday in January 1978 (which I’ll be damned I remember- do you?) was how long the one in 1913 lasted. The one in 1978 was only over a couple of days while the storm in 1913 lasted about four days.

Apparently just about a month ago there was another storm causing some of the highest waves ever on the Great Lakes.

On October 26, 2010, the USA recorded its lowest pressure ever in a continental, non-hurricane system, though its pressure was consistent with a category three hurricane. The powerful system was dubbed the “Chiclone” by the media as it hit the Chicago area particularly strongly, as well as Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. It was also meteorologically referred to as a bombogenesis due to the rapid drop of barometric pressure experienced. ~Source

And my family and I live in California why?


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  1. karen newport Says:

    Hey sweetie, what a cool collection of pictures of our families. Where did you get all those old pictures?

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