The Week in Review for 19 Nov 2010

Fri. 19 Nov 2010. 8:55 am

We are having some home improvement work done  so things are a bit distracting here at Command Central; but I did get a little family history work done.

It’s going to be Thanksgiving this coming week so I plan on eating my share of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberries and of course, green bean casserole. I hope you are too.

What did we do and find out this week?

  1. Posts
    1. We learned a little bit about Africa during World War One and the discovery of diamonds in 1912 Angola.
    2. I waxed poetic about The Side Isle being online now for three months and having visitors from all over the world – well some of it anyways.
    3. We revisited an older post and pretty much came to a (somewhat reasonable?) conclusion that both Goens and Poelman relatives lived on a Lange Krevelstraat in Ghent around 1914
  2. Research
    1. I looked up more information on the history of diamond mining in Africa.

What’s planned for next week?

  1. Research
    1. See if I can find out what and where “vrouwstraat” in Ghent really is.
  2. New posts scheduled are
    1. What was it like around 1920 in eastern Angola along the frontier with the Belgian Congo.


  1. Clean-up data on The Side Isle secure website.
    1. Please remember this is a work-in-progress and, as such, there are a lot of inaccuracies and missing data. Your help in proofing this data would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Updated the terms listed on the Transitions page.


    1. Added web-links to
      1. De Gentse Straatnamen
      2. History of Gent
      3. One-Step Search
    2. Added a widget showing updates of some family pictures.
    3. The week’s updates for the family tree statistics and the number of The SIde Isle visitor hits:

    Persons Families Hits
    This Week 925 355 1,088
    Last Week 925 355 1,023


    A special thanks to the following people for providing links, information, comments, suggestions and other contributions for this blog site during the last week.

    1. Lyn Loken
      1. For the web-link to One-Step Search.


    I would like to make the following special requests for your help.

    1. Do you have any vintage photographs or documents of anyone mentioned here in this blog? If you do then we can try to make arrangements to have them duplicated.

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