Revisiting with Glenn – Part 2

Wed. 17 Nov 2010. 2:21 pm

Back on 27 Aug 2010 we looked at a Marie Poelman who arrived at Ellis Island on 3 Jul 1914.

At the time I could not quite figure out the name of the street Marie used as her mother’s address back in Ghent so I just went with Lange Violettestraat. Well, as we have seen a lot already, assumptions change. 

But let’s back-up a little, I was randomly searching for anything that may be related to our family and I found a website – De Gentse Straatnamen (1799-1942) (2002) – which lists the names of all of the streets in Ghent.

To give you an idea of how I search for information I’ll walk you through it a bit.

First I know I have a couple of parameters

  1. One is that I’m looking for a name that has “longe” or maybe “lange” in it and may end with “straat” (street).
  2. Also I’m looking for a name that has an “enel”

So I look for Longeloenel; but nothing comes up.

Let’s look for “longe” and then “lange”

Searching for “longe” and nothing comes up.

What about “long”. 29 results. Maybe “longue”? Hmm the same 29 results.

Now “lange”? Wow – 45 results.

Ok that narrows it down to 74 possibilities. Better than hundreds.

Now to look for “enel”. Only 2 results and they aren’t even close: Kromenelleboog and Krommenelleboog.

Instead of “enel” maybe it’s “evel”?

Cool…”evel” comes up with 29 results.

Then out of those 29 results for “evel” I wonder how many also include “longe” or “lange” and “straat”?

Only one result matches: Lange Krevelstraat.

Looking on Google Maps, I don’t find a Lange Krevelstraat but I find Krevelstraat.

Hey wait a minute! Didn’t we have an earlier post that mentions a street named Lange Krevelstraat?

Yessiree Bob! It was the second post on 17 Aug 2010 where Flavia and her mother listed their friend, Mme. Goens, as living at 59 Lange Krevelstraat.

Therefore, around 25 March 1914 Mme Goens lives on Lange Krevelstraat; and we can make an assumption Marie Poelman (Emiel Poelman’s mother-in-law) lives on Lange Krevelstraat around  3 July 1914.

What this does is this makes some more possible connections between Poelmans and Goens by being on the same street at about the same time. But it’s still not clear if Lange Krevelstraat and Krevelstraat are in fact the same street.


One Response to “Revisiting with Glenn – Part 2”

  1. kris Says:

    Good research — Herr Slueth finder.

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