The Week in Review for 29 Oct 2010

Fri. 29 Oct 2010. 7:17 am

What did we do and find out this week?

  1. We talked about Flavia Maria Poelman’s birth certificate. This gives us verification of several things
    1. The real name of my grandmother is Flavia Maria Poelman.
    2. Flavia was born on Vrouw Street in Ghent on 11 Jan 1893.
    3. Flavia’s mother is Octavie Marie Poelman who married Julius Constantinus Goens in 1904.
    4. Flavia’s surname became Goens when her mother married Julius.
    5. Flavia’s grandfather, Benedict Poelman had passed away and her grandmother, Maria Theresia Verstuyft, was still alive and living in Ghent on Vrouw Street.
  2. We finally got the “Big Secret” done and over with.

What’s planned for next week?

  1. Continue to add and update the family tree for the secure website.
  2. Research
    1. If there are any connections to the names Hubert F. Borie or F. De Groote on Flavia’s birth certificate.
  3. New posts scheduled are
    1. Odilon’s mother and father.
    2. The area in Ghent where Flavia Maria Poelman was born.
    3. Revisit one of the older posts to see what has changed.


  1. Added Flavia (Maria Poelman) Goen’s birth certificate and adoption record.
  2. Updated The Side Isle secure website.


  1. Revised the “read posts about” widget from a “cloud” list to a drop-down menu.
  2. Added a new link to the website for Cyndi’s List.
  3. Added a new link to Robert Baker’s website for the Newport Family.
  4. The week’s updates for the family tree data and the number of The SIde Isle visitors:

Persons Families Hits
This Week 339 98 896
Last Week 339 98 842


A special thanks to the following people for providing links, information, comments, suggestions and other contributions for this blog site during the last week.

  1. Antoine Verstuyft
    1. For the copy of Flavia Maria Poelman’s Goens’ birth certificate.
  2. Kris Newport
    1. For his generous donation of $150.


I would like to make the following special requests for your help.

  1. If someone could find any information about Odilon’s WWI records, commendations or photographs. Maybe even take a digital photograph of the one picture where he is standing there in his uniform. Yeah the one that Aunt Louise has
  2. Do you have any vintage (pre-1975) photographs of the Delcourt family you could provide so that I can include them in future posts?
  3. Do you have any vintage photographs of the Marocco family  – particularly when Joseph or Clelia were in their 20′s – you could send me?

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