Emile in Boston

Well now..how about this!

Emile did come to America even before 1913. Only he didn’t come through Ellis Island but through Boston on 11 August 1910 aboard the SS Saxonia.

Looking at the manifest for the SS Saxonia we see that not only was this Emile born around 1882 but that he has a wife, one Maria Poelman, back in Ghent.

I checked Google maps for Maria Poelman’s address at Oude Voetweg 2 in Ghent. I found a Voetweg but not an Oude Voetweg but I’m guessing these are both the same street or if not then they may have been pretty close to one another.

So what have we got?

  1. The name Emile/Emil/Emiel Poelman matches in several documents we have seen.
  2. The date of births being around 1882 all seem to match.
  3. Emile’s wife being named Maria or Mary are all connected with Emile.
  4. And most of the documents place both Emile and Maria in Ghent at one time or another.

I’d say we have a pretty good match and can be pretty sure this is Flavia’s uncle.

If you noticed, this Emile was going to meet his cousin Albert at 1430 Columbia Road in Boston. This is a surprise because I would have expected Detroit instead of Boston. I checked Google Maps and I found the location and a street view. I don’t know if this is the actual house but the overall design seems to fit the period when Emile would have been there.

I can’t really make out Albert’s last name but it doesn’t appear to be Poelman. So I’ll be researching if I can at least find someone that could possibly be Emile’s cousin with that first name.

And the mystery of H. Poelman remains.


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