The Mystery of H. Poelman – Part 2

All this talk about who H. Poelman is makes me wonder why I can’t seem to find him. The way given names and the “everyday” name are used in Belgium doesn’t make sense to me because they don’t appear to follow any rules.

Then is it possible that the “H” in H. Poelman is a middle name? I suppose so because at this point I figure anything is possible.

What we think we know is someone with the surname of Poelman lived in Detroit and was waiting for Flavia and Octavie in 1914.  This person had to have come to America before March 1914. I think it’s pretty safe to say whoever this H. Poelman is he is probably not Octavie’s husband or Flavia’s father.

One thing we have seen is that an Emiel Poelman arrived in America on 12 Dec 1913. We figured he was born around 1881 or 1882. Maybe this Emiel is Emiel H. Poelman?  .

When Flavia married Odilon in 1919, there was Emil (Emiel) and Mary (Marie) Poelman.

Then in Antoine’s family tree we found out that one of Flavia’s uncles was named Emiel. No middle name or initial but this person was born in 1882. I think it is safe to assume that this is the same person who came to America in 1913.

Now off I go in search of more Poelman’s who came to America. The search is going to be for any variation of Emile, Emiel and H Poelman.


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