Flavie or Flavia. Marie or Maria

Mon. 18 Oct 2010. 8:50 am

First-off I want to thank Antoine Verstuyft for providing some great information about our family. I received an email from Antoine the other day that really floored me. I thought we had Marie Flavie, my grandmother, all figured out. Hahahaha!

Turns out my grandmother is not the same person that Antoine has on his family tree. Huh? WTF?

Let’s see if I can lay this out so it makes sense. So let’s start with my grandmother who I always knew as Flavia Delcourt. We’re going to have to watch the spellings too.

My grandmother’s birth name is Flavia Maria Poelman. Note the letters “a” at the ends of her given names. Now Flavia Maria is born in Ghent on 11 Jan 1893. Her mother, my great-grandmother, is Marie Octavie Poelman.

Then, in Antoine’s family tree, he has a Marie Flavie Poelman. Note the letters “e” in her given names as well as the reversing of the first and middle names. Marie Flavie is born in Heusden on 16 Jul 1888 and her mother is Marie Léontine Poelman.

I think we’re pretty sure that Marie Octavie Poelman and Marie Léontine Poelman are the twin-sisters born on 9 Feb 1868 in Heusden.

So Flavia Maria Poelman and Marie Flavie Poelman are, in reality, two different people, both with unknown fathers and they are cousins. Got this so far?

Then, on 22 Oct 1890 Marie Léontine Poelman marries a Franciscus Blancquaert in Ghent. Do the math and Marie Flavie is just over two years old. According to Antoine, we now have Marie Léontine Blancquaert and her daughter Marie Flavie Poelman becomes Marie Flavie Blancquaert. Marie Flavie Blancquaert stays in Belgium and then dies in Ghent on 30 Nov 1934.

On the other-hand Marie Léontine’s sister, Marie Octavie Poelman marries Julius Constantinus Goens on 12 Mar 1904 in Ghent when her daughter, Flavia Maria Poelman, is around eleven years old. Flavia Maria Poelman then becomes Flavia Maria Goens.

Take a break…smoke ’em if you got ’em…

Ok…here is where the plot really thickens. With all that stuff we just went over why did Flavia and Octavie tell the person on Ellis Island that their last name was Poelman? Why did they say they were going to Detroit to be with an H. Poelman? And why did Octavie say H. Poelman was her husband and Flavie’s father?

Jeezy creezy what a mess huh?

Maybe this graphic might help some.


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