Revisiting with Glenn – Part 1

Wed. 13 Oct 2010. 1:53 pm

As we have been learning more and more I thought it might be kind of  interesting to revisit some of the previous posts to see what we have learned since that post.

I want to start with the post titled “The Mystery of H. Poelman” from 18 August 2010.

In that post we saw that Octavie listed an “H. Poelman” as her husband and Flavie’s father on the Ellis Island manifest. Other than the manifest I have been unable to find any other connection to an “H. Poelman”. Since Octavie’s maiden name is Poelman we can probably assume Octavie was not married to a Poelman although Flavie’s father could be a Poelman. Yeah I know, kind of weird… so I’m going to go with the explanation that we don’t know who Flavie’s father is and that both Octavie and Flavie were not telling the truth about who the real husband or father was when they came through Ellis Island.

This does not mean he doesn’t exist but just that I haven’t found a logical explanation yet. I’m sure there will be an updated post on this in the future. Plus I have to keep you guys interested and coming back, huh?

Also in that same post on 18 August 2010 there was a chart with names and all.

Name From Arrival Age Birth
1 Alphonse Poelman Gand, Belgium 1919 49 1870
2 Emiel Poelman Mich. US 1922 40 1882
3 Flavie Poelman Ghent, Belgium 1914 21 1893
4 Henriette Poelman Gand, Belgium 1919 15 1904
5 Julie Poelman Gentbrugge, Belgium 1920 60 1860
6 Marie Poelman Ghent, Belgium 1914 30 1884
7 Octavie Poelman Ghent, Belgium 1914 46 1868
8 Jules Goens Gentbrugge, Belgium 1913 32 1881
9 Victor Goens Bissegem, Belgium 1907 21 1886

So let’s take a look at each person in the table and update with what we think we know now.

  1. Alphonse Poleman
    • Maybe Flavie’s uncle but between the date of birth of 20 Apr 1874 I found on Antoine’s family tree and what I calculated above…well you can see there is a bit of a discrepancy. I did find some information on an Alphonse but he didn’t seem to be connected with us so Alphonse needs to be researched some more.
  2. Emiel Poelman
  3. Flavie Poelman
    • Well we know this is Marie Flavie Poelman (Goens), but there is a discrepancy between the date of birth on Antoine’s family tree, 16 Jul 1888, and pretty much everything else we have seen where Flavie was born in 1893.
  4. Henriette Poelman
    • Henriette is listed as Alphonse’s wife on the same Ellis Island manifest as Alphonse. So Henriette needs to be researched some more.
  5. Julie Poelman
    • I’m not quite sure who this is at this point so more research is needed.
  6. Marie Poelman
    • Marie is listed as Emiel’s wife on the Ellis Island manifest and the 1919 Detroit marriage register for Odilon and Flavie. Although I have her maiden name listed as “Pommel”, I’m thinking this surname maybe wrong because I can’t seem to find it anywhere I look. I’ll have more on this in a later post.
  7. Octavie Poelman
    • We know this is Marie Octavie Poelman but we don’t know for sure if this is Flavie’s mother or her aunt. Antoine says this is Flavie’s aunt but pretty much everything else we have come across indicates this is Flavie’s mother. Octavie married Jules Goens and then she died and is buried here in Los Angeles. I hope Antoine can help us with some of this.
  8. Jules Goens
    • Most likely this is Octavie’s husband and Flavie’s step-father. The 13-year difference in ages, Octavie being older, seems unusual to me so more research is needed; but I have seen a 1930 census listing with Octavie and Jules (well someone wrote-in Julie – duh!) in Detroit. Like I said, more research.
  9. Victor Goens
    • Other than seeing Victor listed on an Ellis Island manifest I have no idea as to who this Victor is. If I come across Victor in our travels then I’ll post it but, at this point, Victor doesn’t seem to be anyone we are connected to.

So we are slowly narrowing down who is who and what may be the correct information…a piece of cake, huh?

And that’s the way it is*” for 13 October 2010.

*Thanks Walter


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