The Big Secret – Part 2

If you remember, the last time we talked about the BS (“Big Secret”) we went over some of the things people coming to America had to deal with. Things like prejudices based on eugenics if you weren’t considered “acceptable”. Then there was another post where we went over some of the recently found information about Flavie’s family.

As you read through that post, and hopefully you got to visit the secure web site, I mentioned that Flavie’s mother was either Marie Octavie or Marie Léontine. We still aren’t sure but I’m trying to get some sort of documentation in order to, once and for all, put this issue to rest. But for now let’s assume that Marie Octavie is Flavie’s mother.

What I didn’t mention was no one knows who Flavie’s father is. Now I had always heard that Flavie’s father was “unknown” so this seems to back-up what I heard. And using the phrase “unknown” is the politically correct way of saying illegitimate. You and I both know that a baby born today and is illegitimate is not that big of a deal. Back then? Yup it was a big deal.

Now we’re going to jump back a little further in this blog for a moment or two. Remember when we talked about how Belgium was about to be invaded by the Germans in August 1914? And how nasty the Germans got using gas in the trenches for WWI?

The point I was getting at was if anyone needed a good reason to get out of Belgium that would have certainly been good enough one for me. I would have done or said just about anything to get out of there – and I’m pretty sure you would have too.

Then, when Flavie and Octavie came to America, the Ellis Island manifest said they were going to Detroit where Octavie’s husband and Flavie’s father, H. Poleman, lived. Is it possible Flavie and her mother did not tell the officials at Ellis Island the truth?

Zowie zounds is that a light-bulb I see over your head?

Don’t touch that dial…


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