Let’s Take a Walk

I got a little curious as to what the walk between Wetteren to Huesden would be like. It’s about 5 1/2 miles between Wetteren and Huesden.  Then I thought, what the hell, why not keep going, onto Gent. So that’s about another 4 1/2 miles between Huesden and Gent. And Huesden is right next to Ghentbrugge. I’m thinking that Heusden and Ghentbrugge are so close that you could almost say you lived in either.

What would you see on this walk between Wetteren to Gent if you went today? Well funny you should ask. Starting at the train station in Wetteren let’s go shall we?

Leaving Wetteren

Heading Toward Huesden

In Heusden

Leaving Heusden



Whew that was kinda nice but my feet are aching a bit. Maybe next time we’ll take a train huh? Anyone know a good place to eat and get a beer around here?

Oh, by the way all photos are copyrighted by their respective owners.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Take a Walk

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