Bertha and Florence at Ellis Island – Part 2

Previously I posted information about Bertha and her daughter Florence arriving in America on 02 February 1914 aboard the SS Finland. Since that post I found the original manifests so I wanted to share this with you.

At that time of arrival Bertha stated she was 26 years old and Florence was 4 years old. Doing the math then Bertha was born around 1887 to 1888 and Florence would have been born around 1909 to 1910.

I new that Bertha and Florence were going to Chicago to be with Odlion from the copy of the manifest I had seen before but here is some new information. Odilon lived at 2512 Flournoy Street in Chicago. I know it doesn’t look like it’s spelled that way but I found a really helpful website that lists all the streets in Chicago.

Then back in Gent Bertha lists her father as the relative. I can’t really make out what his name is. If anyone wants to try and decipher it then please try.

The address might not be written quite correctly. The closest I can find when I search in Google is 48 Apostelhuizen in Gent. So I’m going with that for now.

The last thing I wanted to write about for this post is something I found on the manifest that includes Bertha and Florence. To back up a little bit, I was searching for Delcourts on the GeneaNet website. In the family tree for a Frédérique Vermeersch I found Odilon’s grandmother, Theresia De Jonghe. (More on this in a later post.)

Now I’m assuming that families would try to travel together when coming to America. I know I would. So further down on that same manifest I found there was a family with the surname that looks like it could be De Jonghe.

Another limb to climb on.


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