Le Musée de la Wallonie – Troisième partie

Mon. 04 Oct 2010. 2:01 pm

Ah nous nous reverrons mes chers amis.

After we learned about the history and geography of Wallonia you may be asking yourselves, “Well what do they do in Wallonia besides brew beer, eat, draw comics and let gay couples get married ?” The truth is, today we mostly have tourism.

In the past it was different. The area of Wallonia meant something.

…[it] was the first fully industrialized area in continental Europe. Its industry brought much wealth to Belgium, and it was the economic core of the country. This continued until after World War II, when the importance of Belgian steel, coal and industry began to diminish. The region’s economy shifted towards extraction of non-metallic raw materials such as glass and soda, which lasted until the 1970s. The days of prosperity were gone, however, and a trend of unemployment and economic dependence on the formerly poorer Flemish Region began, and continues to this day. ~Source

En raison de ces nazis écologiste, la Wallonie n’est pas riche aujourd’hui et je dois travailler pour vous les touristes avec toutes vos questions stupides. Viens mon chéri Albert, je crois que je veux quelque chose à manger … et une bière. Avez-vous encore vos bandes dessinées avec vous?


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