The Week in Review for 1 Oct 2010

What did we do and find out last week?

  1. I found new information about Marie Flavie Poelman and her family including her aunts, uncles, grandparents and great-grandparents going back to the 1500’s.
  2. I contacted a fellow in Belgium who is a related to us via Marie Flavie’s grandmother. He wrote me back and he has a lot of information that we did not have.
  3. I found new information on some of Odilon’s relatives going back to the early 1800’s.
  4. We learned about some of the history for southern Belgium’s Region of Wallonia.

What’s planned for next week?

  1. Continue researching the new information on the Poelmans.
  2. Researching the new information on Odilon.
  3. Continue adding to the family tree data for the secure website.
  4. New posts scheduled for next week are:
    1. More on the Region of Wallonia.
    2. The “BIG SECRET”.
    3. Beginning a series of posts on Flanders.


  1. Updated the Translations and Variations pages.
  2. Updated The Side Isle secure website.


  1. I changed the title for the weekly review posts.
  2. I (again) re-arranged some of the right side and bottom widgets.
  3. Since I am starting to see visitors to the blog site coming in from outside of the United States I added a new widget that allows people to translate the blog site into several different languages. Go ahead and try it.
  4. New data and site statistics you might be interested in:
  5. New data in the family tree:
    Date Persons Families
    1 Oct 2010 305 86
  6. Visitor hit count:
    Date Hits
    24 Sep 2010 469
    1 Oct 2010 528


A special thanks to the following people for providing links, information, comments, suggestions and other contributions for this blog site during the last week.

  1. Antoine Verstuyft
  2. Luke Delcourt
  3. Mary Ann Cuccurello
  4. Guy Etchells
  5. Pam Williams


I would like to make the following special requests for your help.

  1. If someone could find any information about Odilon’s WWI records, commendations or photographs. Maybe even take a digital photograph of the one picture where he is standing there in his uniform. Yeah the one that Aunt Louise has.
  2. Do you have any vintage photographs of the Marocco family  – particularly when Joseph or Clelia were in their 20’s – you could send me?
  3. If you have already received access permission, please continue to update the Translations spreadsheet. Let me know if you would like to volunteer so that I can give you permission to access it in Google docs.

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