Le Musée de la Wallonie – Deuxième partie

Bienvenue mes amis … il est tellement agréable de vous revoir.

You may remember last time we saw that Wallonia was part of The Netherlands starting back in the 1400’s.

As eventually happens in every culture and country in the world differences in The Netherlands finally came to a climax on  25 August 1830 with the start of the Belgian Revolution in Brussels.

On 7 February 1831, the Belgian Constitution was proclaimed and the separation from the Dutch was a fact.

But all was not so calm and peaceful.

“Though the new-born country had unifying elements, such as the Catholic religion, a French-speaking bourgeoisie and common economic interests opposed to the Dutch economic ones, the building of a unitary Belgian state posed some serious problems. The language question emerged in 1840. Despite the fact that the free use of languages was enshrined in the Constitution, only French was used in the administration, education and justice systems.” ~Source

So in 1970 we created Région Wallonne.  (Les Allemands et les Flamands sont comme une nuisance…heh heh)

Today we are so proud to have our own country…excuse me, region of Belgium.

Sommes-nous prêts pour le café?


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