New Information About Marie Flavie Poelman

Earlier this month I wrote about Flavie (Poelman-Goens) Delcourt and how, unless I saw evidence of something different, I was going to stick with the names and sequence of events posted. Well…have I got some news for you!

For staters, apparently Flavie is not quite correct as her first name. Then, contrary to what the Ellis Island manifest says when I wrote about Flavie arrives in America, Flavie’s mother is not Octavie Poelman; or is Octavie Poelman married to H. Poelman; and H. Poelman is not Flavie’s father.

How about them apples huh?

This all started after I signed up for the free section of GeneaNet (yet another shameless plug for donations.)

It took some searching but what I found was jaw-dropping, big-smile, this-is-cool-as-hell-amazing stuff. So let’s get into some quick details.

  1. Flavie’s actual name is Marie Flavie Poelman.
  2. Flavie’s mother is Marie Leontine Poelman. And apparently we don’t know who Flavie’s father is.
  3. Flavie’s aunt, and her mother’s twin sister, is Marie Octavie Poelman.
  4. Flavie’s mother has 7 sisters and 5 brothers.
  5. Flavie’s grandfather is Benedictus Poelman and her grandmother is Maria Theresia Verstuyft.

And there are two other pieces of information that amazed me. The first is that Flavie’s birthday may have been 16 Jul 1888. Yeah do the math…she would have been just over 99 years old when she passed away. Wowza!

And second, Flavie may not have been born in Belgium but in The Netherlands. To be a little more exact, in Heusden in The Netherlands. Double-wowza!

Don’t touch that dial because, I guarantee, there is a lot more to follow.


2 thoughts on “New Information About Marie Flavie Poelman

  1. I guess I wasn’t quite correct in where Huesden is. I’ve been informed that there are three different Huesdens. One in The Netherlands and two Belgium. The Huesden that Flavie was born in was in Belgium just outside of Ghent. Thanks Antoine.
    More later.

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