Week of 9/19/2010 Review

Fri. 24 Sep 2010. 1:28 pm

What did we find out last week?

  1. We found that Gentil Gernaey came to America in 1915 just as the trenches of the Western Front in Flanders for WWI was being gassed by the Germans.
  2. We found that Gentil married again in 1922 to a Joannam Brugghe after his marriage to Odilon’s first wife Bertha.
  3. We saw that both Gentil (in Chicago) and Odilon (in Detroit) had registered for the draft as of 5 June 1917.
  4. We learned that Belgium is a segregated mixture of Dutch, French and German speaking peoples.

What’s planned for next week?

  1. Learning more about Belgium. The goal here is to find out why Odlion and Flavie were born in Ghent.
  2. Continue researching the Gurnaey surname.
  3. Cleaning-up and adding to the genealogy data for the secure website.


  1. Added a copy of the Ellis Island manifest for the SS Rotterdam of 28 May 1915 for Gentil Gernaey.
  2. Added two new pages, Translations and Variations, to the blog site.
  3. Revised the Ellis Island Manifest pages’ to one page per date listed on the manifest.
  4. Launched The Side Isle secure website.


  1. Added Requests to the Weekly Review posts.
  2. Re-arranged some of the right side and bottom widgets.
  3. Ended the Donation Pledge Drive at $400.
  4. We are up to 469 visitor hits from last week’s 381 hits.


A special thanks to the following people for providing links, information, comments, suggestions and other support for this blog site during the last week.

  1. Craig Gurnaey
  2. Mary Ann Cuccurello
  3. Steph Vogel
  4. Kris Newport
  5. Karen Newport


I would like to make the following special requests for your help.

  1. If someone could find any information about Odilon’s WWI records, commendations or photographs. Maybe even take a digital photograph of the one picture where he is standing there in his uniform.
  2. Any vintage photographs of the Marocco family; particularly when Joseph or Clelia were in their 20’s.

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