Week of 9/12/2010 Review

What did we find out last week?

  1. We found that Odilon’s father was named Gustave and his mother was named Florence Tylgat/Tylgall.
  2. We found another source that indicated Flavie’s mother’s name was Mary Poelman
    1. And that the witnesses were Mary Poelman (probably Marie Pommel/Pomelle) and Emil/Emiel Poelman.
  3. We made an assumption that Flavie’s mother, Mary, may have had a maiden name of Pommel/Pomelle.
    1. This would make Mary and Marie sisters which conforms with what I heard that our great-grandmother had a sister, possibly her twin. This information is still unverified.

What’s planned for next week?

  1. Continue researching the Gurnaey surname and what happened to Bertha and Florence.
  2. Review information I have done in the past regarding Newports in 1300 to 1600 England for future posts.
  3. Cleaning-up and adding to the genealogy data and update the secure website.


  1. Added a copy of the Detroit marriage register for Odilon and Flavie.
  2. Removed the People page, Family Tree page and all of the Descendant pages.
  3. Launched a new secure website that contains all of the family data and graphics.


  1. Purchased a new genealogy program.
  2. Re-arranged some of the right side and bottom widgets.
  3. Revised the email notification policy.
  4. Donation pledges remains at $400.
  5. We are up to 381 visitor hits from last week’s 282 hits.


A special thanks to the following people for providing links, information, comments, suggestions and other support for this blog site during the last week.

  1. Karen
  2. Kris
  3. Mary Ann
  4. Craig Gurnaey
  5. Richard Baker

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