A New Page

Thu. 16 Sep 2010. 8:40 pm

I’m happy to announce that I have launched the associated website for The Side Isle. And I have to say it looks pretty nice – well at least the opening screen does! So may we have a drum roll please……

Presenteren Presentando Prezentarea Bemutató Presenterer Harap Przedstawianie Cyflwyno



Yeah yeah I know…..just way too cool huh? I thought the black background theme contrasted nicely with the white background here. Plus if you get lost for whatever reason you sort of know which site you’re on.

If you click on the screenshot above it will take you there.

Ah, pero espere un momento … vaquero no tan rápido. Usted no tiene la contraseña que usted hizo?

I bet you clicked too soon huh? I would have. I mean it kind of said to and who the hell clicks on links with weird language things anyways! Go ahead and click the weird language thing…I’ll wait.

Can we continue? Before you get to see that really slick page with the black background and all it’s cool features, you get to see something like this:

So if you want to get into the web page and see how really amazing it is, then you’re going to need the password. For the ridiculous low price of just $19.95 we hired Billy Mays to personally deliver you’re speci…….Ok I’ll quit screwing around.

In order to get the password you’re going to have to send me an email requesting it. Or you can call me. Either way is ok. Up to you. I don’t mind. I have a lot of time. I get kind of bored sometimes. You know. Just me and the dog all day. Oh and the cat too. Well, I better go now. It’s been a bit of a long day. Guess I’ll go lay down 😉


2 Responses to “A New Page”

  1. Kris Says:

    You’re such a tard. Yet I’m to talk … I wave to cars. Please send me that key (PW)for … would you take 12.95? I’ll gladly pay you next Tuesday for a password today.

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