Flavie and Odilon

Remember the other day I did a post on Marie Poelman arriving in America and she was going to meet her husband Emiel in Detroit? I was wondering if there was any connection between Marie and Emiel to Flavie.

Well I found a copy of the original Detroit marriage register that was filled out in 1919.

The register is written so that it is groom’s name, space, then bride’s name. Odilon and Flavie are listed about the fourth couple down as record number 181164, dated September 13, 1919.

It looks to me like Flavie lived at 44 Willard Street and Odilon lived south of Flavie at 1498 Field Avenue so they lived about 1 ½ miles from each other.

The register lists the parents of both Odilon and Flavie. Odilon’s father is named Gustave [Delcourt] and his mother is listed as, what appears to be, Florence Tylall. Then Flavie’s father is listed as Julius [Goens] and her mother is Mary [P]oelman.

If I were to make some conclusions at this point then it would appear that Mary Poelman divorced H. Poelman and then married Julius Goens sometime between 1914 – when Flavie and Mary arrived at Ellis Island – and 1919. Flavie also changed her surname from Poelman to Goens  sometime during this same period. I’ll have to see if I can find any records of the marriage between Mary Poelman and Julius Goens.

Now further down the line on the register are listed the witnesses: Mary and Emil Poelman. Assuming these are the same people we talked about in the posts on Marie Poelman and her husband Emiel Poelman then there now seems to be a connection between all these people. And my mom told me the other day that she remembered her aunt’s name as Marie.

All these different names and their spellings are a little confusing so let me make some assumptions here.

  • Mary Poelman, as listed here as Flavie’s mother = Octavie Poelman, as listed on the manifest from Ellis Island
  • Mary Poelman, as listed as a witness with Emil Poelman on this marriage register = Marie Poelman, as listed on the manifests from Ellis Island
  • Emil Poelman, as listed here on the marriage register = Emiel Poelman, as listed on the manifests from Ellis Island

So with the register saying Flavie’s mother’s name was Mary Poelman (who we think had been married to H. Poelman) it maybe possible to conclude that Mary (Octavie) and Marie could be the twin sisters….twin sisters that both married Poelmans! I wouldn’t doubt that, like today, brothers marrying twin sisters is kind of unique.

Anyway, taking that logic further then if Marie Poelman’s maiden name is Pommels then it would stand to reason that Mary Octavie’s maiden name is Pommel as well. Personally I don’t think Pommel is the correct spelling so I did some checking and the closest I could find so far is Pomelle.

Sooo….all this seems to be a very plausible explanation.

But I sure wish we could find something that specifically shows that both Mary and Marie were in the same place at the same time. I think that until that happens all we can really do is speculate at best.


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