Week of 8/29/2010 Review

What did we find out last week?
  1. Flavie’s surname is still unresolved.
  2. Odilon Delcourt was married before marrying Flavie.
  3. The surname “Colpeat” revised to “Colpeart”.
What’s planned for next week?
  1. More about Flavie and Odilon
  1. Updated List of Persons
  2. Added a new “all-in-one” Family Tree
  3. Removed individual family trees
  4. Added Descendent lists for
    1. Delcourts
    2. Maroccos
    3. Newports
  5. Added Manifest for RMS Mauretania
    • Arrived Ellis Island
    • August 15, 1913
    • Line 1o: Odilon Delcourt


  1. Added “Back to Top” navigation arrow lower right of your screen
  2. Added donations widget and pledge chart
  3. Added Leukemia and Lymphoma Society donation widget

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