Ghent Records

Fri. 03 Sep 2010. 10:34 am

I woke up to an email from Kris this morning. He sent me a link to a Ghent website – and all I can say “wow”. I’ve spent that last 2 hours going through it and I’ve only scratched the surface.

But some of the things I’ve already found are parish records from the 1600’s. There I found records on the Delcourts, Poelmans and Timmermans. Did anyone know that Timmerman is also spelled Temmerman? I don’t know if any of people I came across are related but I would bet at least some of them are.

Then the pictures – I found thousands of them.

Remember on a previous post where I was talking about Turbotstraat and Krevelstraat? Krevelstraat is the street where Mme. Goens lived and that Flavie and her mother used as a reference when they arrived at Ellis Island. I found at least one picture that shows Krevelstraat sometime around 1870. What is astounding is that we are looking at a scene that our relatives saw back when they were there.

This is definitely a great resource I’ll be using from now on. Thanks again Kris.


2 Responses to “Ghent Records”

  1. Mary Ann Says:

    I heard Grandma (Flavie) Delcourt made her First Holy Communion in Belgium and that Grandpa (Odilon) was an alter server. Are the parish records Catholic?

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