Marie Poelman

Fri. 27 Aug 2010. 4:16 pm

I want to take a look at Marie Poelman from the post on August 19, 2010. Now I think I remember that Flavie was related to a woman named Marie but I don’t know if it was her mother, her aunt or maybe this woman.

Coming to America at that time was literally a life-saving event since Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria had been assassinated on 28 June 1914 and Britain was about to declare war on Germany. (1)

Marie arrived at Ellis Island aboard the RMS Mauritania on July 3, 1914. I wonder if they had fireworks the next day on the 4th. The Statute of Liberty is just a little ways from Ellis Island. Can you imagine coming to a new country and seeing something like that, especially after what you had left behind?

Now looking at the manifest I find something pretty amazing. Just below Marie’s name is an Emma Colpeat, age 32, and then the next line is a Raymond Colpeat, age 11. I wonder… is this Emma Colpeat the Madame Colpeat we saw the other day? I might think so since Emiel Poelman and Adolf Colpeat arrived together the previous December along with Jules Goens.

Further down the line in the manifest I see that Marie used her mother, Theane Pommels, who lived at 1 Longeloenel in Ghent, as her reference. Well trying to find that street is not going too well. The closet I can find for now is Lange Violettestraat in Ghent so I’m going to assume that is it.

Now where were we? Oh yeah, Marie’s mother being Theane Pommels. And we have another surprise. Notice the √ marks? Well those are the older form of “ditto”. See what I see? The √ means that Emma Colpeat’s mother is the same as Marie Poelman’s. So Marie and Emma are sisters; Raymond is Theane Pommels’ grandson like it says there.

So who are Marie, Emma and Raymond going to meet in America? Again moving down the lines in the manifest and sure enough Marie Poelman is meeting her husband Emiel Poelman while Emma and Raymond are meeting Adolf Colpeats in Detroit. Not only in Detroit but the same address in Detroit – which appears to be 506 Taler Ave. Or is it 506 Taylor Ave.? I remember how Flavie used to talk so I wouldn’t be surprised if Marie pronounced Taylor as Taler. Another assumption here but if anyone knows what any of these names really are then please leave a comment.

What seems odd is that so far most of the people I’ve talked about came to Detroit and lived on the east side. Assuming Taylor Ave, is correct, these people lived somewhere between Woodward and Grand River. If I were to guess right now I might think the Poelmans aren’t directly related except via Aug De Geuteuar. Hopefully we’ll find out.


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