Turfstraat or Tarbotstraat?

I was reading through my news feeds this morning and came across an article about a new way Google maps work. So I was trying it out by seeing what it does when I move the little marker to Ghent. So I’m moving the thing around and, by accident, I found a Tarbotstraat in Ghent as you can see in the Google map below.

This means, apparently, what I posted last Tuesday about assuming “…the address is the street Turfstraat in the city is Genk.” for Emiel Poelman and Adolf Colpeat is probably the wrong assumption.

Therefore, I’m going to change “Turfstraat in the city is Genk” to “Tarbotstraat in the city of Ghent”.

What is interesting is the proximity of Krevelstraat to Tarbotstraat. I don’t think it’s more than 1/2 mile walking distance.

View Tarbotstraat in a larger map
View Krevelstraat in a larger map

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