More About Emiel Poelman

The other day I mentioned that I noticed the name Emiel Poelman listed on the same manifest as Jules Goens. Was there some connection between the two men?

So I want to check and see who Emiel used as a reference back in Belgium. It appears his reference is a Mrs. Belwair(?) who lives at 77B  Turfolstreet Heiruis [see REVISION 2013-06-13 below] in Ghent.

Doing a Google search for Turfolstreet or Heiruis comes up blank. So I tried different spellings. When I Googled “Turfstraat” I find it in the city of Gent. So maybe the person writing the manifest thought they heard Ghent? I don’t know so for now I’m just going to assume the address is the street Turfstraat in the city is Genk. So far no connection with Jules Goens.

But there is sometihng strange here. Did you notice above the 77B Turfstraat there is the address 77 Turfstraat – and the name Madame Colpeat? Then above Emiel’s name is the name Adolf Colpeat. I don’t know what the connection is but I’ll be checking into this.

Back to Emiel…let’s see where he is supposed to be going to.

Now THIS is a surprise. Emiel is going to his cousin who lives at 568 Holcomb Ave in DetroitAug De Geuteuar! That is the same person and address we saw the other day. So if this information is true then Emiel Poelman and Jules Goens are somehow related with Aug De Geuteuar being the cousin for both men.

I’ll have to see if I can find anymore information on Aug (Augustus?), Emiel, Jules and the Colpeats.

This is an amazing advertisement I found for a 1915 Maxwell automobile. Turns out Maxwell was taken over by Chrysler.

Google Books: The Detroiter. Vol. VI, No. 1, October 5, 1914. Page 8.


[REVISION 2013-06-13: revise “Turfolstreet Heiruis in Ghent.” to “TARBOTSTREET heirnis Gent.”]. Thanks Antoine.


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