Who is Jules Goens?

Thu. 19 Aug 2010. 8:27 am

Today I’m going to work from the list that I posted on Aug.18, 2010 starting with Jules Goens. I’m stating with him because he is the only person listed who came to America before Flavie and was from Ghentbrugge.

He arrived in America aboard the RMS Mauretania on Dec. 12, 1913.  On Line 19 of the manifest it says he was a 32 year old farmer.  Therefore he was born about 1881.

Then further along Line 19 it states that his reference from his country is his wife, Mrs. J. Goens of Gentbrugge. No real name or address – this isn’t very helpful. Oh by the way, let me add here, the city spelling is either Gentbrugge or Ghentbrugge. Same with Gent or Ghent. So I will use either of the spellings.

On the second page of the manifest I find that Jules is going to Detroit – so this is  interesting. It is written that Jules is going to his cousin, Aug De Geuteuar, who lives at 568 Holcomb Ave. So far this new information raises more questions than it answers.

But wait a minute! On Line 7 of the same manifest the name Emiel Poelman shows up. Is there some sort of connection between Jules Goens and Emiel Poelman?

Oh and check this out. I found these old pictures of the train stations in Ghent and Ghentbrugge. You suppose Flavie would recognize them? I think maybe she would.


Gent Train Station c.1910



Gentbrugge Train Station c.1910





2 Responses to “Who is Jules Goens?”

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