The Mystery of H. Poelman

If Flavie’s maiden name was Goens, then who is H. Poelman? Is Octavie her mother? And since H. Poelman is already in Detroit, is it possible he maybe listed on some ship’s manifest from Ellis Island? Are there any other people listed with the last name Goens? Will any of this help to clear up the mystery?

A lot of questions, so off to the Ellis Island web site and a search for H. Poelman. I noticed that the manifest for Octavie says on 3/25/1914, the day she came to Ellis Island, she was 46 years old. My calculator says that she was born around 1868. So I assume her husband would be around the same age so I’m looking for someone born around 1868 and is about 46 years old in 1914 and arrived in America before 1914.

This is kind of interesting. There are 92 names that come up. So I’m going to have to narrow the list down a bit. First I’ll check for Poelman’s from Belgium like Flavie and Octavie. There seems to be a few and they are from Ghent and Ghentbrugge; but no H. Poelman. Ok, then maybe I’ll just make a list of all the Poelman’s that are Belgium.

There are 7 people, including Flavie and Octavie, with the last name of Poelman. The one from Michigan, Emile Poelman, looks promising. I wonder…what about people with the last name of Goens?

There were only 7 people with the last name of Goens I found online and only 2 were from Belgium.

Here’s the list of names I found and the next step is to see if I can find any connections.

Name From Arrival Year Age at Arrival Year of Birth
Alphonse Poelman Gand, Belgium 1919 49 1870
Emiel Poelman Mich. US 1922 40 1882
Flavie Poelman Ghent, Belgium 1914 21 1893
Henriette Poelman Gand, Belgium 1919 15 1904
Julie Poelman Gentbrugge, Belgium 1920 60 1860
Marie Poelman Ghent, Belgium 1914 30 1884
Octavie Poelman Ghent, Belgium 1914 46 1868
Jules Goens Gentbrugge, Belgium 1913 32 1881
Victor Goens Bissegem, Belgium 1907 21 1886

10 thoughts on “The Mystery of H. Poelman

  1. Emiel Poelman is the brother of Marie Octavie Poelman, he is born in Heusden Belgium at 7 septembre 1882.
    Flavie Maria Goens is the daughter of Marie Octavie Poelman and Jules Constantin Goens, she is born in Ghent Belgium at 11 january 1893.
    Marie Octavie Poelman is born in Heusden Belgium at 09 february 1868.
    Jules Constantin Goens is the husband of Marie Octavie Poelman, he is born in Koolskamp Belgium at 06 may1880. The marriage was in Ghent Belgium at 12 march 1904.

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