Flavie arrives in America

RMS Olympic

On March 25th, 1914, Flaive Poelman and her mother, Octavie, arrive in America at Ellis Island aboard the RMS Olympic. In five months World War One would begin when Germany invaded neutral Belgium. The German army would attack as far west as Brussels while turning south in order to invade France. [1]

Flavie and her mother were going to Detroit, Michigan. Octavie’s husband, H. Poelman, was there.

The ship’s manifest lists H. Poelman as Flavie’s father. And the manifest also shows that Flavie and Octavie had a friend in Ghent who lived on Krevelstraat – MMe. Goens. But now I have a problem. I always thought Flavie’s maiden name was Goens!

Anyone want to comment?

And does anyone know what the street name is for H. Poelman’s Detroit address? It seems to be “Reals” or maybe “Keals”. I found a Keal Street but it but I’m not sure if that is the right one. Comments?


11 thoughts on “Flavie arrives in America

  1. Antoine Verstuyft

    Hello Glenn,

    In attach the act mariage of Julius Constantinus Goens and Marie Octavie Poelman. You can see that the witness are Alphonse Poelman, Emiel Poelman and Gustaaf Poelman; tree brothers of Marie Octavie Poelman; and also Franciscus Blancquaert, the husband of Marie Leontine Poelman the twin-sister of Marie Octavie Poelman.

    Groeten, Antoine Verstuyft http://www.verstuyft.tk

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